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A Wonderful Annual Party To All Hishell Members

Edit:Shenzhen Gobay Electronics Co.,Limited   Date:Jan 19, 2017

    Its already mid-january of 2017,feels like the fist day of 2017 just passed.A brand new year came to us and brought us fortune and happiness ~ 


    Yesterday Shenzhen gobay Electronics Co.,ltd,held a fantastic annual party with the participation of all hishell members as well as best friends of hishell's boss. As it is well known that, hishell has been in the field of mobile phone case for over 11 year,high-quality is always its principle and pursuit. 

    During this annual meeting,we had prize,games and dance shows.For those who got the prize,it must be very exciting and proud to them because being trust is really valuable.For those who didnt get the prize,it was just a provement that they had much bigger improvement space then those who had. 

    The aim to have a annual party is to conclude the past 2016,and look forward to the coming 2017,the past is past,but we need to think and keep improving oneselves.And the more important thing is to make a considertate plan for the future and struggle to be better and better. 

    The atmosphere is also awesome and great~ Let's appreciate some photos together and feel the hope.




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